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Just thought I would post up a recent BBC documentary called Girls in a Band which might be of interest to some of you. It includes interviews with Carol Kaye, Viv Albertine, Miki Berenyi, Tina Weymouth, Lita Ford, Brix Smith and more.


Girls in a Band )
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I just heard that Cynthia Robinson has died. Link to obit when I have one. ETA: It took way too long for me to remember the existence of Wikipedia, which had two links: Billboard's obit; Rolling Stone's obit.


Nov. 9th, 2015 05:19 pm
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Patti Smith's performances in New York City, as assembled by Caryn Rose for the Village Voice for the 40th anniversary of Horses. With videos.


Aug. 13th, 2015 03:33 pm
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Full video interview with Carol Kaye.

Bass player.

No, I'd never heard of her either.


(via Avedon's Sideshow)
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Hoyden About Town brings you (via YouTube videos) the guitar stylings of Sister Rosetta Tharpe, who comes before all others.
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 All-female tribute bands.  Because one night in Montréal, there was this band in the usual grubby bar, fronted by a woman with what was probably an OK voice but it sounded amazing that night, doing covers of the Stones and Zeppelin.  (Early '70s, what can I tell you?)  Most tribute bands (that I've seen) tend to replicate the personnel of the original band being honored, so dispensing with that might be very neat.

Also, I don't think "traditional" fandom only embraced wanting to be a groupie, but you know, nobody has ever asked, have they?
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 In that this mostly refers to jazz musicians, but The Girls in the Band is worth your time and attention.  Interviews and stories from women who played brass and wood winds, who composed and arranged, who were faced with, well, the same crap women get faced with.

Some things have changed a little.

Note:  There's an assertion that rock 'n' roll killed big band music.  Historically, the big bands were largely done in by post-WWII economics and ASCAP/BMI royalty issues, and the direction jazz took toward "cool" jazz, which worked better with smaller ensembles.  Rock was just the last nail.

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Hey, y'all. I'm looking for someone who was heavily involved in the punk music scene in London in the 70s and 80s to answer a handful of very brief questions for me. Can anyone help? Contact me at Thanks so much!
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I recently came across the singer Martina Topley-Bird on the Tricky album Maxinquaye and have decided that she's great. :)

Under the cut is information about her from here.

Note: it's a bit out of date, but it has some more interesting details about her than her Wikipedia page. You can check her website for details on her more recent work.

Bio )

& some videos for you all to enjoy:

Tricky – Ponderosa )

Martina Topley-Bird – Too Tough to Die (Live Montreux 2004 )

Martina Topley-Bird Interview )
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 Chrissy Amphlett, singer, Divinyls.

("I Touch Myself" is one of those songs that's silly whether you know the words or not.)
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 Carol Miller, talking about music, the dj as endangered species, and age.  (Why do I know the name Jo Maeder?  Wasn't she the Rock and Roll Madame?)


Nov. 20th, 2012 08:57 am
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As I have noted about three times now, Harper's, the magazine for people who read, think, and do cryptic crosswords, presents its subscriber-only articles as .pdfs that refuse to allow highlight-and-paste, which means that the article which I found interesting (or weird, depending) is not going to get discussed, not that this was the appropriate space for that discussion, just that it explains my annoyed retreat to The New Yorker's website and the non-blocked short piece on Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl movement.
Hanna is one of America’s greatest living rock performers. If you’re pressed for time, start with the 1998 compilation “Singles,” though the first EP—included in the reissue—is one of the most durable punk records of the early nineties. Built from basic chording, it has a clenched, even beat and Hanna’s clutch of vocal personae: victim, abuser, avenging angel. Recorded mostly in single takes and without overdubs, the EP lasts only sixteen minutes.
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Phantogram "When I'm Small"

There is something about this woman in this video that takes my breath away.

Weekly Feature: Sarah Barthel of Phantogram

Name: Sarah Barthel
Place of Residence: Saratoga Springs, NY
Current Jam: favorite new artist is Com Truise (on Ghostly Intl.)
Favorite Food: lobster
Mode of Self Expression: vocals & keyboard

Ark: Hey Sarah. Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. Could you begin by telling us a bit about yourself?
Well my name is Sarah. I’m 28 years old and play keyboard and sing in a band called Phantogram. I tend to produce music and like making beats, and also attempt to play guitar when I’m alone in my own room (haha). We are currently hanging out in Salt Lake City for a few days then we’re off to Mexico City for the next stop of our tour. Oh, and I like music!

Ark: Awesome! At what age did you start playing music, and are there any other musicians in your family?
I started singing when I was very young. I guess it all got started by just singing along to songs on the radio and my cassette tapes. I’ve been playing the piano since I was in junior high but I’m not musically trained so I made stuff up and messed around.
As far as other musicians in the family…My grandmother was a professional piano player and used to do concerts all the time when she was younger (until her 30s I think) but I believe that’s it for musicians in my family.

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Documentary: "Who is Poly Styrene?" Stumbled across this at Tumblr and thought it might be something this comm is interested in. Poly Styrene was the singer/songwriter for X-Ray Spex, an early English punk band whose lyrics were primarily about consumer culture. She passed away in 2011.
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Hey sweets! Long time no see eh? I bring you treats!!!

女王蜂 / デスコ Queen Bee - Die For Disco

PEOPLE. The lead singer Avu-chan, is a transwoman. She and her sister Ruri-chan, the drummer, are of African American and Japanese descent. They punk and glamrock it up like none other. THEY ARE EPIC!!! Now the other members. They had a guitarist, Gigi-chan, who unfortunately hurt her hand and had to leave the band. Their bassist is Yashi-chan? At least thats what Google Translate gave me when I checked their Wiki, which is in Japanese. This knowing only one language thing is the suck. One thing that doth piss off at lot of people tho is that sometimes in their videos, Ava-chan and Luli-chan are whitewashed. Like in the official video for Die for Disco:

But a couple are less, issuematic:

Ziyoou-vachi's Sutoroberiwi (Strawberry)

女王蜂 火の鳥 [歌詞字幕]

女王蜂 待つ女 [歌詞字幕]

This is their GORGEOUS website:Ziyoou-vachi
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Jack White and Ruby Amanfu - Love Interruption


Ruby Amanfu - My Darling
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Cold Specks - Heavy Hands

Yes, that IS a female drummer.

Cold Specks - Blank Maps

Cold Specks - Holland (Official Video)
Read more... )

Cold Specks - Lay Me Down (Later with Jools Holland)
Read more... )

Too lazy to track down interviews and stuff, darlings. Just gonna luxuriate in her voice.


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